pebble sand making machine working principle

pebble sand making machine working principle

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The worker should firstly dismantle the external wiring of the motor of the pebble sand maker and make a mark. For example, for the asynchronous motor, the worker should make a mark correspnding to the three-phase power line; for the continuous current dynamo, the worker should make a mark of the shunting winding and armature winding correspnding to the external wiring. Then loose the footing bolt and separate the motor and transmission machine.

When using the tool to dismantle the belt wheel or coupling on the motor axile of the pebble sand making machine , sometimes it needs to add some kerosene in the gap of the motor axile of the blet wheel for easy dismantle. If the axiel and the wheel is tightly connected, it still needs to fast heat the wheel and wrap the rotary axile with a wet cloth then the wheel can be dismantled.

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Our company introduces the advanced technology and produces methods from Germany, the USA and Japan and makes the development, test and production of the sand aggregate equipment to be perfect. Of this, the series sand maker is a sand making device that has the internationally advanced level with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

The sand making performance of this machine is playing an indispensible role in the fine crushing and grinding process of all kinds of rocks and ores. At the same time, the product this equipment makes is cubic in shape and the content of needle products is extremely low. This equipment has many advantages such as reliable and stable working condition, easy and convenient maintenance and repair and high sand making efficiency.

And what is more, there is a convenient examining and repair device installed on this machine which makes the changing of hammer and screening board more easy and convenient....

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