Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

Puppet Script
Peer Pressure

Characters: Simon, Sammy, Rachel, Rocky, Whiskers, Blue Fuzzy

Props: kids blue jeans, pots and pans, Dixie cups with water, 2 bubble wands and bubble machine

Simon: ‘Hi boys and girls. Hey, Sammy come on up here. Are you late again?’

Sammy: (below stage) ‘Wait Simon, I’m coming. I have to change my clothes.’

Simon: ‘Change your clothes, we’re already starting!’

Sammy: ‘I’m hurrying as fast as I can, oops! (sound of crashing & falling) Ow, Ouch’

Simon: “Sammy, are you OK.’

Sammy: ‘Yeah, I’m OK, it’s dark down here though and I’m having a little trouble with my clothes, I can’t see very good, Ow (more pots and pans).’

Simon: ‘Well Sammy, you have to come up here, right now.’

Sammy: ‘Well OK, but I still can’t see too good (pots and pans, Sammy comes up facing away from Simon to right with pants on his head) Hey, where is everybody?’

Simon: ‘Sammy! I’m over here, and the kids are right out there. Boy, you did change your clothes in a big hurry didn’t you?’

Sammy: (turns and moves towards Simon) ‘Oh, Yeah, but something isn’t right here I OW! (Sammy bumps into Simon)’

Simon: ‘Hey, Sammy! You’re wearing your pants on your head, silly!’

Sammy: ‘OOOhh, no wonder I can’t see very good.’

Simon: ‘Don’t you think you had better go back and fix your clothes?’

Sammy: ‘Oh, Yeah, I’ll be right back. (turns and goes the wrong way and bumps into the side of the stage) OW’

Simon: ‘Sammy, go the other way.’

Sammy: ‘Oh, OK’ (turns towards front and bumps into front of stage) OW!’

Simon: ‘NO, Sammy turn around and go down.’

Sammy: ‘Oh, right, AAAaahhhh (Sammy turns and falls, more pots and pans)

Simon: ‘Sammy! Are you OK?’

Sammy: (below stage) ‘Yeah, I’m OK, I’ll be up in a little while.’

Rachel: ‘(in middle) Hi Simon, Hi everybody.’

Sammy: (on right) ‘Hi everybody. Hi Rachel, Boy, things aren’t starting off good today, and I had a real bad day the other...

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