Pel Market Analysis

Pel Market Analysis


PEL is one of the oldest manufacturing unit of home appliance in Pakistan. It manufactures => A.C => deep freezer => Refrigerator.
The products manufactured by PEL have been of high started quality through out the years. PEL was established with Technology Collaboration of AEG Germany in 1956, 1980 PEL expanded into consumer domestic market with introduction of window by PEL A.C. into October 1978 PEL was taken by sagol family. According A then PEL is Now a company on the goes on.
The head of HR department is called HR manager. It has 180 employees working in it. Among which 27 are doing clerical job.

PEL has continued on the path of recovery and the business in both its divisions power and home appliances have grown. Efforts for improvement in productivity, quality of our products and diversification have yielded positive results and the company has earned a net profit after tax of Rs.94.100 million (last year 59.000 million). Since the company had suffered losses in the past, which had eroded its equity leaving huge bank borrowings, the dept servicing remains a major burden on its operations. Simultaneously increasing business volumes requiring additional working capital have not allowed the much needed ease in its cash flows which could offer a smoothness in its operations.

Business in Power Division is propelling positively and is expected to grow further in the ensuring years. PEL is exploring export market for our Power division products, Crystal brand Refrigerator launched in 1998 has developed into a major source of our consistent growth. This trend is expected to continue in the following years. On the other hand air-conditioner sales have not reached desirable levels due to some serious weakness in import procedures and smuggled goods, shrinkage in the size of market and working capital constraints.

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