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On Monday, February 9th, I researched about child labor in India. I chose this topic because I already have some background info about India. This topic would be a good for me to research. On Monday I also researched child soldiers in Uganda. This topic is also a good topic for me to research because I have watched the movie Invisible Children and this gave me a good sense of what was going on. On Tuesday, February 10th, I researched about children without education and what UNICEF is doing to help. This topic is something I can relate to. I always complain about how school is a waste of time, but I can’t imagine life without school.

My first choice issue is child labor in India. I have many ideas for taking action for this topic. One action I might take for this issue is to create a website and advertise that website on television. Also, I have some background information on this topic. Another action I will take is to make a public service announcement. I am good with computers and I am excited to make a public service announcement. The human right being violated for this issue is the right to play. This is my first choice issue for many reasons.

My second choice issue is child soldiers in Uganda. The human rights being violated are the right to play and human right # 28, the right to a fair and free world. I have many good ideas for this topic but not as many as the first topic because I have more sympathy for the kids in India. One idea I have is to leave in people’s mailbox and then people will look at them and maybe donate to help the cause. Lastly, I can use many computer programs to help create a public service announcement. Although I can create one it might be more difficult because I already know a lot about my first choice, child labor in India.

My third choice is helping UNICEF stop the problem of kids without education. This issue violates the right to education, human right # 26. I feel strongly about this issue, but not...

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