Jacob Verberne
Coach Ruiz
5th Period
Dollars and Sense
Comparison Shopping

Type of Product: Supercharger 2011 Mustang Kit $3,499.99
Website Referenced:

Description- Whipple W175 AX supercharge kit is an accessory kit to increase horse power and barely lower gas mileage but is better than putting a bigger engine in the car especially if it doesn’t fit, this kit will take at least a few hours to install taking off and cleaning many parts also adding new ones on it has a lifetime warranty with annual check up.

Expert Review- The Whipple is a good buy but a little bit of a pain to install with one person, performance wise it will increase your horsepower to 576 which sounds low but because of the weight distribution it will soar.
Consumer Reviews:
1. I had a shop install it for me and it was 2 and half hours but so worth it.

2. I’ve never had a single problem with it, runs great and completely destroys the track and your tires fun toy though.

3. RUNS GREAT! Just recommend spare tires.

Comparison Products
A. Platinum 450W XT lacked in trust worthy but when it worked it was not beat able $3,200.99 with local pick up.

A. I researched American Muscles two other styles of the supercharger to see different reviews, performance, and cost. Crystal X4T was completely over priced for same product and less room under the hood $5,899.99 local pick up.

Pros: Horsepower increased, Cheaper then new engine, many forms of installation, Custom colors, NO INSURANCE RAISE.
Cons: Increase dangers on the road, new product room for errors, select company sells it.

Reason for Selecting Whipple:
A. Price- Fairly Affordable
B. Quality- top of the line 8.9-10
C. Warranty – 5 years

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