People in Abroad

People in Abroad

A lot of Turkish people have migrated to abroad to live with much more occasions. Generally European countries attract their attention in view of wealth, life conditions, education fascilities, and incomes of a family.They consider these countries as the centre of good life. But everything doesnt appear as their ideas.. They face with difficulties such as alienation, assimilation, and language.

Host of Turkish citizens are not pleasure with their life in terms of labor conditions. Some companies are on thereshold of being closed. Employees have faced with the threat of expelling from their jobs. Alot of people can not find a labor to maintain their life. Furthermore annual incomes of a family is lower in Turkey when it is compared to Europe. European countries are more weathy and most of them is involved in developed countries. Access to occasions seems easy to foreigners who live in worse conditions.As a result of these, most of turkish citizens reckon migrating one of the european countries as the best solution.

In addition to these education fascilities works perfect in Europe. Teachers are more interested in their students. Moreover in Europe education system differs from Turkey. European government have enhanced different kind of system which provides much more acquisition. Students have everyday exams and they learn everything not only from books but also different kind of materials. Thanks to these techniques students learn everything in the highest level.

On the other hand life in these countries do not exist in only good conditions. As people first go abroad tol ive permanently, they encounter with a lot of disadvantages. Fistly, alienation is inevitable in some countries. Due to their race, language and culture, they seem different to local people. To illustrate; xenophobia is one of the basic reasons for this condition. Also assimilation exist after a while. They become prone to forget their cultural and conventional values. European...

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