People in Organisations, Organisational Behaviour

People in Organisations, Organisational Behaviour

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‘The study of organisational behaviour is a large study which consists of many elements.
Organisational behaviour is the study of structure, functioning and performance of organisations and
behaviour of groups and individuals within them.’ Huczynski, A and Buchanan, D (2001 p.2). Life
today exists as we know it because of the many different organisations that are in place to serve the
needs of our society. Most activities that people are a part of whether it being the nature of work or
leisure will generally be within an organisational arrangement. This is what organisational behaviour
takes into consideration in order to classify ways of reforming the organisation for the better
whatever type it may be.

Organisations have changed the way they consider their employees; before people used to be
thought of as a ‘cost’ however now people within an organisation are understood to be more of a
resource or asset in addition to this people are the hardest resource to manage as every individual is
in charge for their own actions therefore an organisation cannot have complete control over the
behaviour of their individuals. However organisations are able to make attempts of influencing
positive behaviour. This has encouraged organisations to want to gain that vital understanding of
their people’s behaviours in order to confront the problematic influences that cause negative
behaviour and stimulate those influences that cause positive behaviour.

Organisational behaviour can be used to monitor the progress and developments of initiatives and
also to create a suitable structure for an organisation and help create proactive resolutions.
Organisations that take the initiative to study the type of organisational behaviour within their
organisation gain a competitive advantage as they are able to recognise how the individuals within
their organisation feel, what they are thinking and how this causes them to act in the work place.
There are many elements...

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