People in Your Life

People in Your Life

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I have planned to develop a website for the Medi-Way hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Sri Lanka that provide health care services at an affordable cost. Medi-Way hospital has been in the healthcare industry for nearly 27 years and it has won the Asian Management Award for People Development and Management in 2001.

About The Company
Jointly owned by two Sri Lankan businesspersons, the construction of Medi-Way Hospital started in 1979. The hospital was officially opened on 9 July 1980 with only two storeys.
Since 1980, Medi-Way Hospital has been fortunate to employ dedicated and loyal personnel committed to providing quality healthcare and promoting health and wellness in our community. In the first year, there were only 10 physicians with a limited number of staff to serve the patient. However, with the rapid growth of health care demands, this hospital now has of 45 consultants, 75 physicians, and 100 nurses to facilitate the customer’s growing health care needs. The hospital is now a seven-storied building with 500 beds.
Medi-Way hospital provides many health care services to its customers. The hospital has a Level II Emergency and Trauma Center that serves heart- attack patients to car accidents victims. The Medi-Way Hospital’s Emergency Department also operates an Acute Care Clinic on a drop-in basis as well. It also provides imaging services such as Angiography, MRI, Ultrasound, and CT scan.

About the System
When a certain test is done to check a particular patient’s condition the results of that test (test report) is issued on another day. Therefore, the patient has to come to the hospital premises again to collect their reports. If you consider the hospital employees, they do not have enough time to communicate with customers in order to provide information regarding physicians, medical tests and other services. Therefore, the hospital and the patients are in need of a new system that will save both money and time as well...

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