Perception - Vantage Point Movie

Perception - Vantage Point Movie

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Vantage Point: Perception is Reality Psychology 101

In the movie Vantage Point, the story is portrayed from eight different characters points of view. The one perception out of the eight that I chose to describe is that of Dennis Quaid’s character, Thomas Barnes. I was stunned by the great acting and performance of this character’s role throughout the entire film because of his affirmative action, physical and mental drive, electrifying energy, motivation and bravery despite all of the highly possible risks and dangers.

Thomas Barnes is an agent of the secret service assigned to protect the President of the United States during a public speech against terrorism in Salamanca, Spain. This is Agent Barnes’ first time being active in six months due to medical rehabilitation from taking a bullet for the President prior to these events.

While on duty Agent Barnes experiences Post-traumatic stress and has difficulties focusing his mind and keeping himself stable. After the United States President has been shot and explosives have bombarded the area Agent Barnes fights to assertively grab hold of the situation by investigating for clues to any possible leads and trying to help injured people seek medical attention.

While gathering information Agent Barnes learns that secret services partner Agent Taylor is involved in the terrorist act against the president. Soon afterward Agent Barnes and Agent Taylor, with an accomplice, embark on an intense five minute high speed chase sequence throughout the middle of the town; eventually leading to the point where many of the main characters will soon interact. The chase ends with Agent Barnes’ vehicle becoming immobilized and continues the pursuit on foot.

As Agent Barnes approaches the final destination he gets shot while exchanging gunfire with the terrorists who are eventually dead. Agent Barnes races to Agent Taylor’s last moments of life where he questions him...

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