Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

Everyone understands that you should not push for realism in a fantasy film , it is what it is imagination . Spectacle and admiration are important, not whether something really could . What is important is whether something is believable . The imaginative Harry Potter series proved to be well worked out example , almost everything was there as natural. Unfortunately this is different from Percy Jackson , where now the second part is released . Sea of ​​Monsters depends of the illogical and ludicrous scenes together .

The laws of logic are defied early in the film , when the viewer is introduced with a magical tree made ​​by Zeus himself - that protects all the demigods . The training camp that we know from the first film can continue to exist. So safe in the woods But panic breaks out when an enemy yet know the shield to break . It turns out that the tree is poisoned.

It protected by spells castle in Harry Potter was not impermeable we wanted to believe , but the work of the supreme god that could be destroyed by a few drops of poison ? And why Zeus grabs here itself can not ( make even better tree! ) , But this should be solved by a set of teenage students ?

Little details that you can look back on you might say , but the whole film relies on this data . Protagonist Percy , son of Poseidon , is accompanied by two friends in search of the Golden Fleece to the tree. Better No non-hazardous task , because the magic cloth is in the infamous Bermuda Triangle and there are more rivals in the field , with nefarious plans .

The illogical events then piling on more and more . So we already know that demigod Percy water around can put into his hand but that does not always realize . First he rides a sea dragon towards a boat , to make himself be carried. A big wave surf later Ten minutes later he again floats adrift with his friends around in a rescue boat . At sea , where you still have quite some water to join magic.

Visually, it's all quite nice ,...

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