perfect pizzeria

perfect pizzeria

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1. The area supervisor should conduct trainings and seminars as well as team building activities.
2. The area supervisor should create an effective motivation so that they can have efficient employees.
3. The management should have a systematic criterion of being a manager trainee.
4. There should be a formalizing training period and seminars to the manager as well as the employee.
5. Provide effective and constructive set of rules and regulations and strength it.

The problem that is there in perfect Pizzeria is condition of negative culture between workers in the restaurant and the restaurant manager. The main symptoms in this case appear to be that the conflict between the employees and the manager is getting worse; managers are trying to control the waste percentage and keep their bonus, while employees cannot stand the way that the managers treat them. Also, the employees are not motivated to perform their respective roles unless they are under constant supervision.

II. Objectives
▪ To be able to keep the company prospering despite employee and managerial problems
▪ To be able to have a clear and definite basis for hiring managers and employees
▪ To be able to improve manager-employee relationship within the company

III. Areas of Consideration
1. Vague Corporation Policies
The whole set of policies seems to convey the message that the corporation is very important, while the individual is practically expendable. Therefore, this communicates a clear message as to the value the corporation places on the managers. Moreover, the ultimate indignity comes when managers are told that if they want to advance beyond managerial position, they must invest in the corporation.

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