Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

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report on the performance of British waterways

rEPORT ON THE PERFORMANCE OF british waterways
The assignment contains an assessment of British Waterways using the financial statements which can be used to analyze their financial performance using a range of tools. This assignment also gives an opportunity for investment appraisal and would require to explore a range of short and long term sources of finance to invest in this project.

Here, I have tried to demonstrate a broad understanding of the structure and format of the financial statements, calculate ratios, and provide evidence as to how finance is raised and managed within British Waterways. In addition, I have tries to evaluate the different sources of finance, compare the ways in which these are used and use financial information to make decisions. I have used a range of tools for the evaluation of financial performance.

British Waterways is a public corporation responsible to the UK Government and Scottish Government to maintain and manage the waterways so that they fulfil their full economic, social and environmental & heritage  potential. Our sponsoring departments are the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in England and Wales, and in Scotland, Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change  We also liaise closely with the Welsh Assembly Government.

1.1 Introduction to British Waterways
British Waterways is the public corporation that cares for the 2,200-mile network of canals and rivers in England, Scotland and Wales. Our role is to ensure that the waterways can be used for all to enjoy, now and for many years to come.
Our purpose is to protect the historic waterways in our care, to secure and earn the necessary funding, to grow the numbers who value and invest in them and to optimise the public benefit they can deliver. In October 2010 the Government announced its intention...

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