Performance Management Plan

Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan
HRM/531 – Human Capital Management
July 8, 2013
Professor Kelly Terrell

Performance Management
Planning establishes objectives and targets that can be measured by effective tools to achieve positive progress. A performance management framework, along with planning, are the means by which Clapton Construction will achieve a focus on business growth so they can increase their employee base by the projected 20% and complete the expansion of business into the state of Arizona.
Strategic Direction
A number of strategic services influence the shape and development of construction locally, including:
- The necessity to ensure the use of best practices to achieve optimum outcomes
- Recognition of local needs and integration within regional services
- Valuing the role of people in achieving the company’s goals
- The need to maintain effective use of resources employees
- Promote and seek opportunities for partnerships with other local businesses
The projected duration is looking 1 - 3 years ahead. This strategic plan involves the focus
of Clapton Construction’s upper management, senior and site managers, professionals and labor staff.

Corporate Goals
1. Service: To deliver the highest quality standard of planning and construction to our clients and to the communities.
2. Performance Management: To monitor performance against stated targets and identify any opportunities for improvement.
3. Resource Management (finance/equipment/technology): To secure, utilize and manage all resources to achieve the best service and project outcomes.
4. People: To recruit, retain and develop staff by provide effective leadership throughout the organization.
5. Growing Clapton Construction: To further develop the company’s expansion into the state of Arizona and a new flourishing market.
Job Analysis
“The purpose of Job Analysis is to establish and document the 'job relatedness' of employment...

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