Person centred focus to disability

Person centred focus to disability


What is the difference between the medical model and social model of care? (Give an example)

Medical model:

Medical model is based on controlling the person with the disability. There is no choice giving to the person and they are generally told what to do. The disability is labelled and defined by doctors and professionals and they are given restrictions. The person is generally segregated from general population. There assessment’s and programs are imposed on them without giving them a choice.

Social model:

The way of thinking is different. The person is defined as the person with the disability and the not the disabled person. The person is given to choice to define themselves and are integrated into society. They are valued as a person of the community and their strengths and needs are defined by them. Instead of being diagnosed and labelled there barriers are identified and solutions for those barriers are developed. There is a lot of training given for the parents and the professionals around the person.

What is active listening and please give an example in care?

Listening to what the person is saying and taking in what they are saying. Paying attention to what they want, need or asking of you.

When talking to people about their computer problems and issues they tend to let the words go in one ear and out the other. You are more or less guaranteed that they will contact you with the same problem tomorrow and not remember a word you said the day before.

From your work place discuss any barrier that prevents your clients from maximizing his/her potential?

The sidewalks in our town don't have a wheelchair access to get from place to place. Most buildings with-in the town limits are not suited for people in mobility units. Doorways are a big problem with not enough space to enter and no water closet facilities. Signage can be very limited or to small and hard to follow.

How can...

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