Personal Aplication Essay

Personal Aplication Essay

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Yasmina Zoghbi
Mrs. Bell
English I H/G
15 May 2006
Next stop: New Zealand

People have many hobbies in life, some like traveling around the whole world and learning about all the countries. They may like to find out all about the country’s culture and history, visit all the natural sites and finally participate in all the activities. One country heaving with scenic views, activities and remarkable cultural and social facts is New Zealand.
“In the geological sense, New Zealand has had a colorful past. The ice age carved the exquisite fretwork of Fiord land and the Marlborough Sounds and volcanism on a fearsome scale shaped much of the North Island. The result of all this action is scenery to die for” (‘Highlights’ www). There are about four different types of lakes in New Zealand; mountain lakes, volcanic lakes, dune lakes, and bottomless lakes (Lake www). New Zealand is surrounded by other islands on the edges of its coastline. Some have the dimension of a small country others are no bigger than a football field. Most of them are shielded from occupancy, so they can be enjoyed in their natural condition (Islands www). Some of the attractions you can enjoy in New Zealand are Spectacular geysers, beautifully maintained gardens, zoos, casinos, and excellent boutique wineries (Attractions www). “New Zealand’s beaches, lakes and rivers provide some of the most exciting kayaking, surfing, jet boating, fishing and
Zoghbi 2

sailing in the world” (Water www).
The original inhabitants of New Zealand are called the Maori. They came to New Zealand 1500 years ago. They used canoes to travel to Tahiti, the Cook Islands and other Pacific islands (Theunissen 4). “The country is sparsely settled, with a population of about 3.8 million. The majority of its people-about 75%- are of European descent, mainly from England, Scotland, and Ireland. Others have ancestors from Italy, the Balkans, the Netherlands, Germany,...

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