Personal Career Mission Statement

Personal Career Mission Statement

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Career Mission Statement

Your personal mission statement is a career statement that is usually 3-5 sentences long. It helps someone know what you are all about and is a philosophy statement that:

1. Outlines what you want to be – your character
2. Tells what you want to do – contributions and achievements
3. Defines the principles by which you live

Remember that this statement will be a part of your professional portfolio. Therefore, it needs to be appropriate for the eyes of a prospective employer. It can help them judge your character and understand a little about you.



My mission is to use my talents and abilities to help people of all ages, stages, backgrounds, and economic levels achieve their human potential through fully de eloping their minds and their talents. I also aim to balance work with people in my life, understanding that my family and friends are a priority above all else.

My mission is to become a leader in computer information systems. I will further myself through education and practical work experience in order to become proficient at database creation and management, in addition to maintaining and improving my current knowledge of the latest trends and advancements in technology. I will continue to strive for excellence throughout my career and earn the respect of my peers and colleagues.

My mission is to become a leader in electronics engineering technology and to lead a life centered on principles of excellence, growth and honesty. I will utilize my education and experience to perform my job to the best of my abilities. In addition, I will further myself through practical work experience and education in order to become proficient in electronics design and engineering application development.

My career mission is to utilize all available assets to enhance my skills and knowledge in order to satisfy my career goals and company goals. I will master the leading hardware development tools...

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