Personal Computers and Macintosh

Personal Computers and Macintosh

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This article is a comparison between a Personal Computers (PC) and Macintosh (MAC). Both PC and MAC are designed to do the same thing and actually are computer machines. They are general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and price make all the difference between both. They are intended to be used by individuals who are user/programmers directly without any intervention. Mac and PC perform same output. However, the way everything is input in both systems makes all the difference. These differences have made people called Mac a Mac and PC a PC. This article will describe all those reasons of why these two machines are different even if they both perform same functions.

In order to determine which computer is better, the variety of programs available, upgradability, design must be compared. As computers become a larger part of our lives, we need to perform more and more tasks and software availability is the key to allow this to happen. In order for a computer to be useful, it needs to be able to run a large variety of Programs. Also, as computer Technology Exponentially increase, computers need to be able to upgrade to keep up with the latest technology and support the latest programs. One of the major factors in determining the better computer is price. In addition, today’s modern society has less time on hands, so the usage of technology like PC or Mac should be very simple and easy.

Ever Since the Personal Computer entered the market and Apple Macintosh computers became popular in the mid-1980s, there has always been an argument of which computer is better, The PC or Mac? The competition began on November 20, 1985 when Microsoft began shipping its windows 1.0 operating system to compete against the already popular Apple Macintosh computers. According to, “The rivalry began in 1985 and has continued to this day. Looking at both companies, it is clear that winner is the PC”. The history of invention of computers...

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