Personal Critique

Personal Critique

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Speaker: Juan Tovarperez
Topic: Infantry
G.P: To Inform
S.P: What a USMC Infantry unit is all about

Thesis: Was the same as the specific purpose.

Content: The topic seemed appropriate to the audience. Even though some people are against the military, it wasn’t a persuasive speech that pushed the military on any unwilling listeners. The main points were a little hard to identify. It was more of a continuous speech about the infantry. Points A, B, C, weren’t laid out in the beginning.

Introduction: The speaker began the introduction with a personal story about the last 4 years of his life in the USMC infantry. Like I said above there were no main points laid out to elaborate on. The speech just moved along from one point to the next. The story was effective in grabbing my attention. I find personal accounts interesting. Outline the main points in the intro next time.

Body: The speech was organized in a logical manner. It began with a history of the word infantry all the way back to its Latin roots. Transitions were hard to pick out because the main points were never really outlined. The power point slides were all that differentiated between the main points. After the history Juan went into the structure of the infantry and broke it down to Platoons and Squads and the composition of each. The power point slides were an excellent aid because they had pictures of the different personnel and elaborated on each.

Conclusion: There was no conclusion. The speech ended with “That’s it.” Since no main points were listed there were no points to summarize.

Delivery: The speaker’s posture was appropriate for the entire speech. He seemed relaxed and comfortable in front of an audience and eye contact was continuous throughout most of the presentation. Despite the accent, his speech was still articulate and understandable. You could tell the speaker knew his topic.

Presentation Aids:
Power point slides were Juan’s main...

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