Personal Developement Plan

Personal Developement Plan

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University of Phoenix Material

Personal Professional Development Plan

Complete this document using the Personal Professional Development Plan Activity, Parts 1-4 to help guide you.

Career goals

A job that utilize my strong leadership qualities and knowledge in healthcare. An opportunity to grow within an organization and not be micromanaged by management. To build an organization from the ground up focusing all aspects of the organization. I want to build an organization into a leader in its industry.
Educational goals

Obtain a Master Degree in Hospital Administration. Add to that seminars in leadership and human resource concerns
Competencies (strengths)

Strong leadership skills, adhere to values, value team approach to getting things accomplished, emphasis on being fair, and social and environmental responsibility
Areas of improvement

Marketing, writing, and presenting
Steps to take to reach your goal

Continually lean about marketing strategies so that I can grow the company brand, learn the legal issues surrounding healthcare. Join healthcare organizations and attend meetings to broaden my scope of knowledge. Healthcare is constantly changing and one needs to keep up with those changes. Networking is a great way to do that.
Potential road blocks

Time can be a road block. The more you attend meeting the less time you are in the office taking care of the day to day operations. Delegating can be a road block. I am a firm believer in delegating and trusting others to get the job done. You need to surround yourself with good people. Employee retention is a road block. If you have to constantly deal with hiring and training staff that utilizes resources that could be utilized somewhere else. Need to retain employees and make them feel part of the organization and decision making process.

Which steps would you consider milestones? Why? I believe you need to start at the bottom and work your...

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