Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan

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It creates awarness how learning strategies can be achieved, monitored and reviewed. It evaluate and recognise managers own strengths and weaknesses and identify ways in which perceived weaknesses might be improved and strengths enhanced to develop their identity in relation to their academic, professional and personal progression. It develops a vocabulary to communicate their development and achievement. It prepares for seeking, continuing or changing employment or self-employment and make more able to articulate the skills and knowledge to others.

PDP helps employers and professional, statutory and regulatory bodies by providing a framework for the development of appropriate professional and work-based skills and competencies, including the ability of prospective employees to identify their unique abilities by enabling prospective employees to articulate and evidence their competencies and demonstrate verifiable proficiency by developing the ability of their graduate employees to continually reflect, review, and plan specific actions in relation to required learning and development.

4. Discuss:
• The relationship between staff welfare and organizational objectives. What is the process to assess staff welfare at en-pointe?
• How would the manager deal with any staff welfare issues?
• How would the manager (Alan) communicate responsibilities for staff welfare to the team?
• What records need to be maintained to make sure that staff welfare is supported?

As an employer there are implicit responsibilities that may not be covered by employment legislation nor referred to in the contract of employment, but nevertheless are necessary to support the employee/employer relationship and ensure the “Welfare” of the employee. The most important is the payment of wages and organisation of payroll, including any pension scheme. Information on how to meet these responsibilities is readily available as these involve government departments and are mainly...

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