Personal Development Through Self Conciousness

Personal Development Through Self Conciousness

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Personal development through self- awareness

Self- awareness means knowing oneself. At first, it may seem that knowing oneself is a natural process. After all, when we are born into the world we develop our competences and understanding about the world as well us what our strengths and weaknesses are. We learn about what we want to achieve in life and who we want to become. Although there are general rules which shape our society nevertheless, everyone is different from one another. One common feature that us human possess is personal development that goes on throughout our lives. There are different ways to development where internal and external influences play the main role in shaping our personalities. We all go through similar processes in life with different lessons learned. We are all aware of what is wrong and right, good and bad. It is they way we go through life and use our personal development that helps us apply certain situations to these universal rules.
On the other hand, there are many people who do not know what they want to do in life or who they want to become. If we begin to wonder if achieving self- awareness is difficult, the answer is yes. This is because when we are young we learn certain things about our environment and the society that we are in. We also follow rules and hold on to believes that guide us through life. However, they do not reflect the uniqueness of who we really are.

There are many different steps to be realised that will lead to our personal growth through self awareness which will be explained later on. The main factor is that through personal growth and development, we can improve our careers, relationships, health and overall happiness. We should see self awareness as a form of a circle. Imagining oneself within the circle shows how conscious we are of our self awareness at the particular time in our lives. This is what we perceive. Going outside of the circle helps us discover the consciousness on a greater...

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