Personal Experience: a Busy Year

Personal Experience: a Busy Year

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Miranda Ritchie Ritchie 1

Professor Scott

English 1113

October 29, 2010

A Busy Year

There are two things that I have always wanted in my life for as long as I can

remember, becoming a mother and having a license to work in the medical field. I just

never, in my wildest dreams, thought that these two things would collide with each other.

As I look over past experiences in my life I think about one of the most challenging

struggles that I have gone through. This would have to be when I had set a goal to get my

Certified Medical Assistant license. I was 18 years old and newly married, and I thought

that I had plenty of time to accomplish my career goals before entering motherhood, at

least I thought I did.

The task of achieving this goal was going to be a trying one since the school

was 45 minutes away from where I lived at the time, and in order to get to school on time

I would have to leave my house at 5 am every morning. So each day I would have to

abandon the peace and quiet of the small town of Lake Elsinore, CA to take on the

hustle and bustled of big city traffic in San Bernandino, CA.

It was fall when I started my fulltime schedule to accomplish the goal I

had taken on for myself. My classes were fun and filled with great instruction that was

sure to prepare me for knowing all the aspects of my future line of work. Now don’t get

Ritchie 2

me wrong it was a challenge for me, but it was very soon that it was going to become a

constant struggle for me.

It was my second or third week of classes and I was getting ready for lecture first

thing in the morning, not feeling very well to begin with, one of my classmates

walked in front of me...

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