Personal Imaganitive

Personal Imaganitive

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Personal Imaginative Creative Writing

She always did the same thing, every day the same routine, I was in all her classes through junior school and never did she speak one word, her eyes were fixed, her skin was like pure white paper and she never smiled, her clothes were always creased and dirty and were too small for her.
She never got shouted at or complimented on her pages and pages of work she used to do, and she always sat on her own in the back of the classroom as she never had any friends.
Every break and lunch time in the playground, everyone would be playing on the swings, hop scotch, skipping rope or eating their lunch with friends smiling and laughing, but the girl sat in the same seat on the same bench doing the same thing. No one would talk to her as she was classed as “weird” and called many other names.
At the end of the school day, she would walk home on her own with her old ripped coat that did not fit her, and her old dirty school bag with holes in the sides and bottom, no one knew where she lived as she always walked through a dark scary forest on her own.
One day she got so badly bullied, all the girls crowded her n laughed and pointed and chucked things at her, then one girl come forward and pushed her into the corner and started shouting at her so then she ran out of school and ran away from home for a few weeks. But no one knew she had gone from school because no one noticed her anyway. She stopped eating and drinking as she had no money and had to live in the same clothes for weeks and weeks.

As the weeks went by she met a girl called Sophie who wasn’t trying to bully her and call her names, Sophie took the girl in to her home, and gave her some clothes. She let her get clean and dry from the weeks she had been out for so long. The girl also gave her food and drink. She put her trust into Sophie and Sophie trusted her too.

The girl felt she had took advantage and trusted Sophie because she is used to being bullied and...

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