personal reflection

personal reflection


Objective : To present my strengths and what their causes are using specific themes which are :
Connection to life events

Each individual has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses . Many times I found myself questioning what mine are . with time I have started to notice that certain traits of mine came to my advantage as I also noticed repetition , which in turn has lead me to believe that I posses certain strengths .
My main strengths maybe :
Visual arts such as drawing
Public speaking
Passion for learning and the ability to learn
Self motivation and determination

Visual arts have always been a passion of mine , thus I like to think that they are amongst my strengths for reasons such as ;my high grades in IB visual arts at school , my enjoyment towards it and the fact that I receive lots of compliments for it . The more I learn about my self , the more I got curious about what the causes behind this attribute could be . I have found that I also have a very strong visual style which could relate to my enthusiasm towards visual arts and anything of that sort . Also , I have learnt that spatial abilities have a huge influence on an individual’s tendency to lean towards arts and posses artistic abilities . Hence my spatial abilities could be a factor behind my artistic abilities and vice versa . I also tend to think that I have a pretty energetic sense of imagination which probably relates to those attributes simultaneously. Unlike the contrary belief here in the middle east , I find that possessing these attributes are quite advantageous whereas they can help me with my career by giving me the ability to be creative ,often more than others and therefore providing me with a competitive advantage . As a business- marketing student the ability to be imaginative and creative is essential to the person’s career ; it can make or break it due to the nature of the marketing field where...

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