Personal Statement

Personal Statement


My mother is an architect who allowed me to accompany her when she designed on her computer, so I gained an insight into how she operated the software, drafting the blueprint or 3Dperspective only by dragging mouse and stroking keyboard. Since then, computer has become the most magical and attractive “toy” for me Then, in my unforgettable 11-year-old birthday I did receive a computer as a really surprise gift. And I took the training programs from a computer company, learning typing, drawing, procedure installation, and even preliminary animation as well as website production. Gradually I became deeply fascinated with computer games, in which I enjoyed using the keyboard and mouse to control protagonist actions and the development of the case, reveling in the magnificent scenes and special effects of animation. In my carefree childhood, multimedia technology, virtual reality and the flat screen display was always changing my media experience, which led me, after ten years, to choose the digital media production technology as my major direction. And I undoubtedly love this vibrant industry, digital media, covering computer science, information processing, communications technology, network technology and cutting-edge audio-visual media and arts disciplines.

Media Quality Cultivation
--“Only the all-rounders can best adapt to the global society!”--

I am proud of studying in Communication University of China, the tiptop communication & media institution of higher education in Mainland China. During my undergraduate study, I find myself strongly attach to this specific territory, achieving 83.09/100 for the total GPA, 85.53/100 for the major GPA. My performance won me the Excellent Student Scholarships and the Outstanding Student Leader Awards for three consecutive years.

In the past three years, though sometimes I suffered setbacks, felt confused or dissatisfied with the reality like a rebellious...

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