Personal Statement

Personal Statement

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Every day, I would settle down with my books in economics, and read, with the same glazed expression on my face, on the age-old story of observing the world in the light of reason and logic. I formed this habit at the XXX, a first-tier university in China, where I majored in World Economics. The program introduced me to a series of relevant courses, including economics, finance, marketing, and accounting. Throughout the course of my study, I grew attached to the field of marketing. Four years of intensive academic preparations now serves as a springboard for my goal of pursuing advanced studies in International Marketing. I hope to deepen my scholarship through the top-notch education of your distinguished university.

Optional courses in high school exposed me to fundamental marketing theories. Concepts such as the 4P Marketing Strategy and SWOT Analysis exerted their own appeal and triggered my inquisitive to dig deep upon this field. Later, I chose to major in Economics, which would serve as a solid foundation for higher studies in International Marketing.

The high-quality education and the rigid discipline that I received from XXX instilled in me the value of independent and collaborative learning. Like me, most of my classmates were all very capable and self-motivated. Here, I established working relations with peers as we helped each other prepare for major examinations or finish crucial research projects. In 2010, I, along with four colleagues worked together for the Shanghai Marketing Competition held and sponsored by Bailian Company, a Chinese company that is among the top 100 retail enterprises in the world. Our mission was to propose a marketing plan for its shopping mall by demonstrating sound knowledge of the real market. I took charge of collecting data, investigating competitors, and conducting the SWOT Analysis. At the final stage, after undertaking close observation and widespread survey, I discovered that the main customers were...

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