personal strategy card

personal strategy card

Learning Activity 4: Article Type Exercise

This article is a non-scholarly article. It has author of the articles, it does not contain lengthy pages. It only talking about how one individual talks about the topic instead of being argumentative. It is an orginial first hand document.

This article is a non-scholarly article. This article pertains different people aspects on youth ministry. It’s a blog where people can share their opinions about the topics and get other people viewpoints on the topic and collorborate with one another.


This article is a scholarly article. It provides authors of the articles are scholars, researchers and experts within the field. It has respected scholar or researcher in the field; an expert on the topic; authors’ names are noted. It is highly-structured; include abstracts, review of literature, methodology, and citations to sources; contains a bibliography of references.


This article is a non-scholarly article. It is an original, first-hand document; it has not been previously published, interpreted or translated. It only interprets what the author thinks of. Its a blog where he writes his thoughts on youth ministry and it set up where other individuals can comment or give they thoughts about youth ministry and how they can relate to this subject.


This article is a non scholarly article. It’s for the general public. It is not peer reviewed. It does not mention not one source.
B.Carefully describe the degree to which you use each of your Learning Patterns.
(Refer to the Personal Learning Profile you developed for your Week Two assignment and any feedback provided by your instructor to determine if you need to...

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