Personality Assessment Based on Theories

Personality Assessment Based on Theories

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Running head: Personality Assessment Instrument Paper

Personality Assessment Instrument Paper
Sandra Allen
PSYCH/504 Personality Theories
Michael Phillips

Everyone has a personality. But not everyone knows what kind of personality that they have. They may know that they are nice, sweet, caring, good listener, and organized. But what kind of personality does the small ones go into. There are many tests that people can take to find out exactly what type of personality they have. The most popular test that people take is the Myers-Briggs test. There are many more but Myers-Briggs is the most common one that people take. Another test would be the Apperception Test. This is a test which someone is shown pictures, which are black and white, of animals, or characters in various settings. Some people think that taking test out of a popular magazine is also a way to figure out your personality. I will explain and give examples of each of these tests. I will also compare and contrast the differences between the three.
I believe that personality characteristics are developed by genetics and also the environment that we live in. I believe that if someone lives in a negative house-hold and is around a large amount of negative people that they will most likely become negative toward themselves and others. But if the child makes positive choices out of the negative then he/she might turn out differently.
The Myers-Briggs Test is one of the more popular tests that people choose to take. There are about three million tests done a year in the Unites States alone. This test was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers (1879-1979) and her mother, Katherine Cook Briggs (1875-1968) (Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, 2003). They developed the test in the 1950s; they based it on the work of a Swiss physician/psychologist C. G. Jung. The MBTI is concerned with the differences that result from the way people perceive information and prefer to use that information...

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