Personality Development

Personality Development

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Personality Development Course

A training programme in the field of:

• English Language and Communication Skills
• Personality Development

Striving for possible impossibilities and leaving footprints on those sands where none existed before!!!

Objective: Emancipation through Education

With the power of knowledge and a newly discovered you –

• Stand apart from the crowd
• Be a leader in your own right
• Polish the diamond within you

An opportunity to comprehensively develop yourself into a confident and mature adult.

Some key areas:-

• Basic Grammar
• Pronunciation
• Spellings
• Letter Writing
• Voice Modulation
• Public speaking
• Presentation skills
• Group Discussions
• Vocabulary Building Exercises
• Improving English Through Games and Activities
• Attitude Building
• Time Management
• Stress Management
• Verbal Communication
• Body Language
• Inter-personal Communication
• Mock Interviews
• Health and Hygiene
• Corporate Culture and Etiquettes
• Life Skills and much more

“Two woods diverged in
a wood, and I –
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all
the difference ……”
- Robert Frost

Take this road of personal grooming and self-awareness and chart a dynamic life for yourself. Experience the change within 15 days with classes being held 2 hours on weekdays and 4 hours in weekend.

Placement Assistance provided for the Students registered* with us on our Job Portal
*One time registration for job portal and placement assistance fees Rs.300/- (Speak to coordinator for more details)

Course Details

Eligibility: This course is open only for the students of
A minimum pass in the Class 12th Exam is essential.
Last date for Registration:
Duration: 15 days course. Classes will be 2 hours in the evening. And 4 hours in weekend
Last Date for application:
Course Starts...

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