Personality Dimenstions

Personality Dimenstions

APC 100

You must use the information from your PD score sheet, PD lecture, and in-class exercises to answer the following questions:

1. Hand in your “Scoring my Personality Dimensions” totals sheet - your banana yellow sheet only. (3 marks)
(Note: assignments will be considered incomplete without this form)

2. Research Question:

a) What is personality?

Use external sources (e.g., textbooks, books, articles, etc.) to describe the concept of personality. In class, I introduced you to Interpersonal Theory and Personality Dimensions, but there are many more theories in personality. Think about what personality means to you and search for a theory that best fits your description. York University’s library should have entire shelves dedicated to personality. You are eligible for a guest card as a Seneca@York student.

Describe the personality theory or theories you selected in detail and in your own words. Direct quotes are not preferred.

(b) How does personality shape individuals’ communication? Use the theory you selected and discussed above to illustrate how it may play a role in communication. Do not refer to personality dimensions here.
(8 marks). (Note: use correct APA format for in-text citations and reference list).

3. According to Personality Dimensions theory, everyone is “plaid”. (a) What is plaid? (b) Illustrate your understanding of this term by describing your “plaid” and how your colours interact. (5 marks)

4. Provide 2 characteristics from your strongest colour that best describe your personality and give specific examples to demonstrate that you have each of these strengths. (4 marks)

5. Your palest colour represents the things that are more challenging for you. Which 2 characteristics of your palest colour would you most like to improve? How would you do so? (4 marks)

6. (a) Which personality type...

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