Week 9

Personas and Use
Date: 13th October, 2012


23-year old Kate Foster was born in Cornwall, Ontario
in a well to-do family. She has two siblings younger to
her. Her hobbies include reading novels and watching
sci-fi movies. Kate currently studies Integrated
Security Management which is
a graduate
certification course at George Brown College in
Toronto and is living in an apartment along with 3
other roommates.
Kate loves to do a lot of social work including charity
events, visiting home for the aged, etc. She has a
best friend named Jamie with whom she hangs out
every evening. She does a part-time job in the book
store of her college and earns C$ 8 an hour. During
the weekends, Kate enjoys watching the movies in
the theatre along with a medium coke and popcorn.
Her favourite actor is Nicholas Cage and would prefer
watching his movies on the premier day itself.
Kate desires to become a Software Analyst in one of
the leading multi-national companies in the United
States. Being the oldest, Kate would take up the
responsibility of taking care of her parents at their

Jake Smith was born on 29th February, 1991 in Melbourne,
Australia. To his luck, his birthday falls on a date that
comes only during a Leap Year. His father is the owner of
Martin Restaurants which is a huge chain of restaurants
in Australia. He has completed his Bachelors in Business
Management from the University of Western Australia.
Jake enjoys cooking Italian food in his free time and
makes very good pepperoni pizzas. He likes to interact
with various people of different culture and hence
decided to move to Canada for further education and job
He has a girlfriend named Thereza and they are living
together in a condo. Jake loves Apple products and looks
up to Steve Jobs at his mentor. He loves playing video
games on his Xbox 360. He has taken up a part-time job
at Cineplex cinema, Toronto where he works...

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