persuadint people

persuadint people

Persuasive Outline
Attention Step:
1. Opening Statement:
CrossFit is the best way to get in the best shape of your life. What is CrossFit? CrossFit is a way to work out where you try to be as strong as possible while staying fit. (i.e.: being able to squat 500 pounds but also being able to run a mile in under 10 minutes)
A. Reason to Listen:
If you’re fit, it will help your life in many ways. You will look better, sleep better, do better in school or work which then will lead to you making more money and having a better life.
B. Speaker Credibility:
I have been doing CrossFit for 5 years
I am a member of CrossFit Tustin
I am ranked 1st in SoCal, 12th in USA, and 25th in the world from the 2015 CrossFit Open Teen Division

C. Thesis Statement:
CrossFit if the best and most fun way to get in shape

Need Step:
1. Statement of Need:
More people should be doing CrossFit instead of going to a normal gym.
A. Illustration:
Although there are a ton of people who do CrossFit, there are also a ton of people who just go to a normal gym and don’t get anything from it.
B. Ramifications:
If people still just keep going to a normal gym, less people will get fit and be able to experience how cool and fun CrossFit is.
C. Pointing;
If you were like me and everybody else who does CrossFit, you would want to spread the word and tell everybody that CrossFit is the best thing there is.

Satisfaction Step:
1. Statement of Solution:
If you just go to a local CrossFit Gym and try it out, I can almost guarantee you will get hooked.
A. Explanation of Solution:
Every CrossFit gym has a free trial class and most gyms even have a free week or even a free month.
B. Theoretical Demonstration:
1. If you try CrossFit you will like it.
2. You will make friends and start to do it even more.
3. Your life will change and you will become more fit then you ever thought you would
C. Practical Experience:
My first month of CrossFit I was scared, but...

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