Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay

Is homework harmful or helpful? Over the years this discussion has grown to a worldwide debate. While some people may agree that homework is a good thing many others disagree. Not only does homework have a negative impact on the students it can also impact the family. For some students homework is to much to handle and the student then becomes stressed. Although homework has its benefits, it also has disadvantages that can outweigh the benefits mentally and physically.

Even though homework has its pros, it also has its cons that can affect any student both mentally and physically. It affects the students mentally because it decreases their time of sleep and increases their stress while research also shows that learning outside of the classroom does not always improve academic performance. “Many students stay up all hours of the night trying to finish their homework, only to fall asleep and not pay attention during the actual school day.” (Wilmington) .Some students do not get enough sleep due to the piles of homework that they get thus not letting them get enough sleep to focus in class making their grades decrease. The stress of students and their families can increase tremendously. “homework can greatly increase family stress.” (Wilmington) This is not good for the student or the family because the students will not focus in class thinking about it and the family will tear itself apart.There for the homework is causing mental issues and problems for the student and their family.

Most people believe that homework is extra practice to take home and work on. How ever in some cases that is not it. “While many educators use homework to supplement the material learned in class, homework doesn't always improve academic performance” (wilmington).This shows that homework can cause damage to the student mentally and to their family bond.

Although homework may have benefits, there is also a negative impact on the students not only mentally but physically....

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