Persuasive Letter Homework

Persuasive Letter Homework

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Date: February 10, 2014

To: Charlie Kerren, Response Manager

From: Jeremy Brouse, Environmental Technician

Subject: Materials Safety Data Sheet for Project Sites

I would like to suggest making the Materials Safety Data Sheet(s) readily available for staff, visitors and community for all project sites as a print document. The company purchases the online MSDS and makes it available to site supervisors. Safety measures are a high priority for staff, visitors and community as it relates to environmental remediation projects. It would be beneficial for the MSDSs to be available in print for distribution or at least posted at project sites demonstrating that safety is continuously a high priority.

For example, in Ambler, Pennsylvania the current project in the community is asbestos remediation and encapsulation. In each morning staff meetings, for thirty minutes, the site supervisor reviews the immediate danger of the substance asbestos to human health. The effect of asbestos, how to treat and handle asbestos and the equipment associated with removal and disposal of asbestos are typically presented as a reminder to staff. However, the company’s technical writers simplified the MSDSs for print, emailed to each project site for distribution to staff. Staff could frequently review information and become better familiar and aware of the immediate danger of the substance asbestos. Safety meetings would be more productive; more time devoted to project is added and occupational incidents may decrease.

The MSDS could also be simplified for visitors to project site such vendors, consultants, university students, etc. to provide awareness about the immediate danger of the substance asbestos. In addition, MSDS documentation for the community would be useful as a way of providing awareness and reduce fears about environmental projects. It will reinforce and demonstrate that our company places safety as a high priority at...

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