Persuasive Speech Content Outline

Persuasive Speech Content Outline

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Name: Nur Izzati Binti Zaiton Matric no: 093526
Date: 23 August 2010
General Purpose: To inform and persuade
Specific Purpose: To inform and persuade my audience to work while studying.
Central idea: We should work while studying because we will able to use our time wisely, be an independent person and prepare for our real work in the future.
Audience: Mdm Azimah Shurfa and fellow classmates. Group: 1
I. Ask some questions to the audience about their studies lately.
II. Both of us had our own experience of working and studying at the same time and we know how effective it is in our lives. We had made our own survey and research to prove that many students had also chose this method.
III. We had found some statistics of the numbers of students who work as a part timers and it unexpectedly increasing each year.
IV. Let us give you a brief overview of our presentation which will focus on three main reasons of why we should work while we are studying, so that we will use our time wisely, be an independent person and stop being materialistic.
(Transition: Let’s start with the first reason which is to use our time wisely.)

I. Use our time wisely.
A. Use time management and not wasting our time.
1. Most students nowadays spend their free time on doing unnecessary activities like loitering.
(Transition: Now that we have told you of the first reason, let’s move on to the next reason which is to be an independent person.)

II. Be an independent person.
A. Don’t be too dependable on our parents.
1. Have our own income.
2. Less chance of debts afterwards.
(Transition: Now, the last and most obvious reason for working while studying helps us to prepare for our real work in the future.)

III. Preparation for our real work.

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