Persuasive Speech Goals

Persuasive Speech Goals

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Today, you’re going to continue working on your Persuasive Speech. Refer to the instructions below for today’s work day guidelines.

Project Goal: The goal of this project is to choose a position, research both sides of the subject matter, and prepare and write a persuasive speech that is geared towards OPPONENTS of this particular subject matter position. You will be given 5 possible topics that you can write your speech about. At the end of the project period, you will be posting your speech to the class discussion board. You and your classmates will discuss and critique each other’s speech. During the course of this project, you will have various "submission" dates in which you submit research, outlines, rough drafts, etc. Please make sure that you pay attention to what may be required for submission on a particular project work date.

Project Objectives:

1. Your speech must be persuasive.

2. You must be able to refer to course materials as well as outside materials in the support and defense of your speech (on the class discussion board).

3. Your speech must be grammatically correct, with proper spelling and punctuation.

4. Your speech must be written towards an audience of opponents.

5. Your speech must be written supporting a position on one of the following subjects:

a. Mandatory school uniforms

b. United States’ immigration policies

c. Environmental conservation

d. The Death Penalty

e. Governmental spending

f. Abortion

6. When at a medium pace, your speech must be at least 6-8 minutes long.

7. You must have supporting details and evidence to support ALL of your claims in your speech. For example, if writing in support of deforestation for jobs, you must give numbers and citations on all supporting documentation.

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