Pervasive Problem on Child Labor

Pervasive Problem on Child Labor

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Child labor is a pervasive problem throughout the global economy, especially in the markets of developing countries. With over 90% of the total child labor market employed in the rural areas of Asia and Africa largely due to lack of enforcement, it is argued that something has to be done. Although the majority of people are ethically appalled by child labor, and against the exploitation of children, is the worldwide eradication of the worst forms of child labor really a feasible alternative? To answer this question people have to take into account a variety of factors involving both the economic and social costs, as well as have a firm understanding of the situations people are faced with in these underdeveloped countries.

The International Labor Organization estimated that there were over 211 million working children between the ages of 5 and 14 in the year 2000, with over 73 million under the age of ten. When most people think of child labor, they visualize children working in sweatshops under poor conditions, for little pay.

Child Labor Child labor refers to the economic active population under the age of 15 years employed in various industries.

Childhood is a vital and powerful experience in each individual's lifetime. It is the most important and impressionable period of learning. Throughout all of the highs and the lows, childhood is remembered forever. Although children have many rights, in some developing countries these rights are not always protected. Older, manipulative adults are taking advantage of children to make a profit for themselves. This is known as child labor, and it happens much more than many people realize. Child labor is corrupt and there is no place for it in our modern world today.
Child labor happens in many countries. There are many reasons why children are being exploited. First of all, nothing much seems to be happening to prevent it. Child labour must be eliminated as quickly as possible, before many more children get...

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