Pesonal Response on Sexual Identity

Pesonal Response on Sexual Identity

Throughout the progression of my life, I have matured and developed in many ways. My psychological development would lead me to become the person that I am today. Sexuality is part of that psychological development. I have changed in many ways over the years, while my sexuality does not define ultimately, the person I am, it is a part of my being.
Critical thinking in regards to sexuality refers to several different concepts. Here are a few:
Examine Definitions of Terms
Immoral is subjective. As we have learned from our reading, what is considered immoral to some might not be to others. We are living in a culture that continues to be more liberal as the days pass. Therefore, our decision to conceive a child was only immoral to those who studied a certain religion.

Examine the Assumptions or premises of arguments
In regards to morality, the statement: Pre-marital sex is immoral, is a belief practiced in certain types of religion. If I do not observe or follow those religious behaviors and beliefs, they do not apply to what I think is right and wrong.

Be cautious in drawing conclusions from evidence
There have been previous studies representing married and unmarried couples who have children. Most of with reflect that married couples with remain with one another longer than unmarried ones. This is not a fair argument. I was previously married and had a child. My marriage was terrible, and the only reason it lasted as long as it had, was because of my child. Too often married couples remain together for the sake of their children, sacrificing their own happiness to do so.

This class has enlightened me in various ways. If before this class you would have asked me what sexual decision making was, I would have replied with, “It is the decision of whether or not to partake in sexual activity.” Requiring a simple “yes” or “no” response. However, it is much more than that. It involves positions that a person would take on sexual morality,...

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