Pest Apple

Pest Apple

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1) Political-Legal Forces

Ø Different countries have different legislations and these in some ways restrict the companies or give opportunities to the company.

Ø NAFTA, European Union and other regional trade open doors to market in Europe, Asia, Latin America that offer enormous potential.

Ø Political uncertainties caused by terrorism activities are directly impacting the overall business of the company.

Ø The company relies on access to patent and intellectual property obtained from third parties. The company might unknowingly encounter infringe issues with existing patents of others.

Ø Beatles lawsuit against the company may negatively affect the company’s reputation.

Ø The company has to comply with the environment regulations such as environment safe disposal or recycling.

2) Socio-Cultural Forces

Ø The computer and internet usage is growing worldwide and is a good source of opportunities for the computer industry.

Ø Customers had become more experienced and computer literate.

Ø Education has become a primordial issue for the new generation, which is a key factor for the company’s business.

3) Economic

Ø In the past year, the industry has been affected by the slow economic and that resulted in low consumer spending. However the current economy shows some sign of improvement, consumer spending and investment might increase as well.

Ø Due to weak economic conditions, the U.S. educational is encountering large budget deficits in many states. This factor has a negative impact over Apple’s sales in the educational segment.

Ø Sales of products that include components obtained from foreign suppliers can be adversely affected by currency exchange rate fluctuations and by international trade regulations (tariffs and antidumping penalties).

4) Technology

Ø Technology is evolving at a rapid pace today ,and people appreciate more & more advances in their systems and are switching over to new information appliances.


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