Pestel Analysis

Pestel Analysis

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|Lecturer – Terry Nolan |

Introduction 3

Research 4

1. Estimated resident population - New Zealand 4

2. Estimated resident population - Australia 4

3. Overall outcome of Australasia Population 4

SWOT Analysis 5

Porters Five Forces 6

PEST Analysis 6

Schematic Diagram-B2B and B2C System 7 (B2C) 7

B2C Database 7

Ecommerce Solution 7

B2B Database 8

Backup software 8

IT Hardware and Software Requirements 8

Flow Chart 10

B2C e-Commerce Function 12

Supply Chain & Order Fulfilment 13

Conclusion 15

Reference 16

Appendixes 17


Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies. It belongs to Inditex one of the largest distribution groups in the world. Its particular business model is customer-based and includes the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of products through an extensive network of group owned retails (Zara, 2009).

The aim of this report is to outline an e-commerce solution that can start from a small offshoot of the giant that is the Zara retail line and scale easily to demand while at all times being efficient and providing excellent customer service.

To this end we propose an autonomous website that only requires two things from the Zara conglomerate to operate, the ability to send orders and to receive up to date specifications on new products and the time it will take to get these products to our customers.

This report will carry out strategic research to launch an e-commerce operation in Australia and New Zealand. The e-commerce refers to online transactions for buying and selling of goods and or services over the Internet (Ecommerce, 2010). To find out the current e-business market in...

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