Pestle Analysis for Centre Parcs

Pestle Analysis for Centre Parcs

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Centre Parc’s
A PESTLE Analysis


1. Introduction

2. PESTLE Analysis

2.1. What is PESTLE Analysis
2.2. Political
2.3. Economical
2.4. Social
2.5. Technological
2.6. Legislative
2.7. Environmental

2. Entrepreneurial

3. Conclusion

4. References

1. Introduction

Centre Parcs are one of the UKs leading family, self-catering holiday destinations. This report aims to analyse the company using one of the key tools available to guide strategic decision making – A PESTLE Analysis. A good way for companies to establish where they are leading or failing in the competitive market is to perform a PESTLE Analysis’ on themselves. It allows companies to asses a whole list of different factor’s that incorporate every aspect of the company from political, to environmental features. This is certainly the case with Centre Parc’s, as Centre Parc’s has many different ‘villages’ all over the United Kingdom, they need to carry out the analysis on all parks, as each one has set standards and expectations of the customers, whether it be the style of accommodation to the extent of the facilities that it has.
Centre Parc’s unique selling point is their varied outdoor activities and leisure pursuits, they seek to appeal to families with relatively young children – they target the more active, and affluent family holiday market. Their target market are also more environmentally aware and the company must also therefore demonstrate its ‘green credentials’, for example with explicit statements about reducing carbon emissions, to appeal to this sector of the market. In addition to a strong environmental element, there is also a strong element of the legislative framework that Centre Parcs need to be mindful of. Their outdoor pursuits and activities programmes must be scrupulously careful to adhere to all relevant safety and welfare regulations. Centre Parc’s must make sure that they are up to...

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