Petries Electronics 1-10

Petries Electronics 1-10

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Petrie’s Electronics

Petrie’s Electronics Case Questions

Diane Benkert

Devry University

Systems projects get started in organizations because it can solve a problem, fill a need or take advantage of an opportunity.

The organizational information system is related to company strategy because it helps organizations achieve their goals and objectives, it is also used to determine its competitive strategy.

Strategy affects the information system by using information services resources that apply to a strategic business opportunity in such a way that the computer systems have an impact on organizations products and their business operations.

Jim’s next step should be to construct an Information team and delegate responsibilities to come up with ideas for the No Customer Escapes project.

The qualities that Jim needs to be a successful project manager consist of the following skills: management, leadership, technical skills, conflict management, and customer relations. Jim, being the assistant director of information technology, gives him the knowledge of the current system that the company is using. He would also know who the key contacts are that he needs to be working closely with which will help make him a successful project manager.

Jim should send a message that this project is very important to him and that he will be keeping her updated as the project progresses. He should also imply in his message that she is more then welcome to attend the meetings being held to ensure her worries that the project is on task.

Some strategies that Jim may want to try with a busy team member, such as Juanita Lopez, would be to setup appointments during downtimes to get her insights on the project. He may also want to find her an assistant to be sure that tasks are being completed on time and it shows Juanita that he values both his and her time.

If I...

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