PF Series Impact Crusher With Large Capacity For Sale

PF Series Impact Crusher With Large Capacity For Sale

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Description:The experts from the SBM has researched and designed PF series impact crusher by absorbing the advanced technology from the world. PF series impact

crusher has a mature manufacturing technology and unique design. It is your best choice for the aggregate and mining market.
Filed of application:
Industry:Metallurgy, mining, cement, chemicals, refractories and ceramics and other industrial sectors, as well as highway construction, water conservancy projects,

building rubble, sand processing and other fields.
Material:For a variety of soft, medium and hard ore in the broken, crushing operations, such as: limestone feldspar, calcite, talcum, barite, fluorite, rare earth, kaolin,

coke, coal, gypsum, etc.
PF series crusher machine is composed of rear case, impact plate, impact rack, scale board, feeding opening, chassis, blow bar, rotor.
Working principle:
Impact crusher crushes material by striking energy. when it works, the motor drives the rotor rotate at a high speed, on which the blow bar is installed .as soon as the

material get into the affecting area of the blow bar, they will be stroke by the blow bar and be thrown to the impact devices around the rotor. the high speed forces the

material to rebound from the impact liner to the area where the blow bar effects until they have been crushed to the required size. the clearance between the impact

rack and the rotor can be adjusted to change the size and shape of the sand making machine.
Performance advantages:
Unique structure, easy to operate.
Simple machine structure, it is mainly composed by casing, rotor and counterattack plate. Through from the top device can quickly open the chassis, the machine

replacement parts maintenance operations.
Crushing ratio is big and the products has a good shape
The finished shape of a cube, there is no tension cracks, grain shape is good. The size of the discharge opening can be adjusted....

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