PH220 Final Exam Question and Answers

PH220 Final Exam Question and Answers

PH220 Final Exam Question and Answers
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Figure 1 is a “snapshot” of a wave at a given time. The frequency of the wave is 120 Hz. What is (a) the amplitude, (b) the wavelength, and (c) wave speed?

A monatomic gas is cooled by 50 K at constant volume when 831 J of energy is removed from it. How many moles of gas are in the sample?

A wheel of diameter of 68.0 cm slows down uniformly from 8.40 m/s to rest over a distance of 115 m. What is the angular acceleration?

A 1.0- object floats in water with 20% of it above the waterline. What does the object weigh out of the water?
On a 30°C day, there is an explosion. The sound is heard 3.4 s after seeing the flash. How far away was the explosion?

A piece of aluminum with a mass of 1.0 kg and density of 2700 kg/m3 is suspended from a string and then completely immersed in a container of water. The density of water is 1000 kg/m3. (a) Determine the volume of the piece of aluminum.(b) Determine the tension in the string after the metal is immersed in the container of water.
A gas is taken through the cycle illustrated here. During one cycle, how much work is done by an engine operating on this cycle?

A 0.600-kg piece of metal is heated to 100°C and placed in an aluminum can of mass 0.200-kg which contains 0.500 kg of water initially at 17.3°C. The final equilibrium temperature of the mixture is 20.2°C, what is the specific heat of the metal?

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