Phase One of Business Plan

Phase One of Business Plan

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Phase 1

Company Overview

Mission Statement

Business Model

Our main aim as a company is to re-innovate the public schools and improve their infrastructure based on each school’s needs, in addition to conducting research and using private schools’ expertise and educational culture of the private schools, to endorse it in the public schools.

We are going to provide our services directly to the public schools
B2B --> Investors who are going to provide us with funds
B2C --> Schools, our services are customized based on the public schools’ main needs.

We are going to start locally (in Cairo and Giza) then expand nationally to other governorates.

Our business/company is a non-profit organization, and we are not going to generate any revenues. However, we are going to fund our activities from the CSR of organizations motivated to help in the development of Egypt.

Value Proposition

Due to the post revolution fall of the economy, capable businesses are willing to invest their money in projects to improve and develop Egypt.

Competitive Advantage

Our internal capabilities:
Good knowledge of the educational system in Egypt
Our persistent motivation and determination as a team to approach and solve the problems prevalent in the public schools that many people don’t try address.
We possess a clear plan to offer our investors a solution to the ongoing problem of the public education in Egypt.


We have the expertise, access, and inputs of different private schools as opposed to our indirect competitors (Elhayah school that tries to help only one public school) or NGOs that give out money instead of fixing the core problem.

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