PHI103 Week 2

PHI103 Week 2

Daniel Hutton

EH333: Acting I

Athens State University

Dr. Hugh K. Long


Hello, my name is Adam! Some of you may remember my first performance -- well, than again… Probably not. I first went on stage in 1603 when William Shakespeare’s, As You Like It first opened. However, my most recent performance was this past November in an original production of the show by Dr. Hugh Long at Athens State University. When I say it was an original piece, I mean it.

I guess with time comes change, but when I took part in this revamp of the Shakespearean classic, I had no idea what I was getting into. From the costume choices and set design to the cast and venue, everything was different. Let me start with the costume choices.

Instead of the traditional Renaissance era costume choices of old, we (the cast) were presented with an odd (yet charming) display of 1960-era costumes for the show. Instead of my traditional servant attire, I had to wear a yellow polo and suit pants. Now, I must say that I looked pretty good, but it was a vast change from my original attire. Everyone was dressed as either “country club” ladies and gentleman or “hippies,” as the kids call them these days.

As you may have guessed at this point, the set design followed well with the costume choices. We had a painted forest for our scenes in the Forest of Arden, and a less decorated set for our scenes in the court. This all sounds very interesting, but it was the lighting that really won everyone over. Vicki Cochran did a spectacular job in her choices and practice. The lighting really brought the entire set together.

Kimberly Jack designed our costumes (based on ideas by the director, Hugh Long). In doing so, she created an entire world that was new to us all. The costumes may have been a bit original, but they worked great! I even got a new cane for scenes, and lovely little hat that brought the entire costume together. Rosaline looked...

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