philippine government

philippine government


1. Philippines is the 4th longest coastline in the world, while United States is the 8th longest coastline. Philippines’ advantage of having a long coastline is that importation, exportation and other international transaction is much easier than United States. Philippines will attract many investors from around the world because suppliers can ship their supplies or materials faster. The disadvantage of Philippines is that sometimes the imported or exported goods are not properly scanned. The Philippines have many entrances and exits so the security system is not good. Importers can easily enter the country so they will be tempted to import illegal goods.

2. As a student, it is important to understand history so that I can practice how to analyse the current news. Without basic knowledge about history it will be difficult for someone to know the reason, cause and effect of some events so he/she will repeat the same mistake again. In history subject, we knew more about the stories of our national heroes, they can inspire students like me. Inspirations can change someone to be nationalism.

3. (a) hiya, Politics in the Philippines have a bad image because of corruption and political dynasty. Politicians that exercise political dynasty and also proven to be corrupting the budget for the people, don’t show a little of shame instead they became more pride. In Japan, prime ministers or other high officials in their government resign from their position if they made a small mistake even though it’s not their fault. Politicians in the Philippines should lessen their pride and show some shame so that they will show a good example for others.

4. Yes. Today the Philippine Stocks Exchange is decreasing, if the Philippines will become an industrialized country, we will become a supplier and export our products to other counties and earn money. By opening different factories, they will...

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