Philips Medical System Engineers Handbook

Philips Medical System Engineers Handbook

FSE Handbook



Information with HR
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Hand in Access Card Cell phone American Express Car allowance/ company car Petrol Card

Items from IT

Laptop 3G & Iras token Essential software Email to Fax Printer Paperless

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Basic knowledge as a FSE

Radiation badge 

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Paperless Loading the tools in Zeppelin toolbox CD IST Use of the Incenter offline CD pack Job cards Asset Room Preventative maintenance;
Quality Assurance

Corrective Maintenance
Quote and purchase orders

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Ordering spares Spare part return RSN


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Escalation KNOVA FCO – Field Change Operation

4. Other Administrations;
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Overtime Standby Leave Local/ International Claims Portal and PPM web address

 A: list of the engineer’s tool


1. Information with HR
Go to HR (Buyi; X5028) in Building A on floor 1

Hand in - your CV, certified copy of ID, certified copy of report of your qualification,
certified copy of the medical aid card, tax number, and if you are from another company then a copy of the provident fund transfer and if you haven’t received it, fill in the necessary forms, tax number, banking details with banks logo

Access Card
– get your photo taken with Help desk operational supervisor (Margaret, X5016) in Building A to have access.

Cell phone;
- Go to PMS office Administrator (Linda; X5245) on the second floor by medical systems (Building L) - Bring proof of residence and a copy of your ID to register for RICA - Sign all necessary documents for the cell phone received. - You are normally not expected to spend more than R1200 on your cell phone per month

American Express ;
-Decide if you require the American Express fill in the necessary forms and hand in the necessary documents to CMS Controller (Ian Ludick ; X5139) in building A.

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Car allowance/ company car – speak to HR Manager...

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