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Employee: growth of the business, pay rise, job security, good terms and conditions of work-sick pay, holidays, break and lunch, maternity leave, paternity leave.

Supplier: Customer loyalties, growth of the business, prompt payment.

Customers: value for money, (reasonable price) honesty, good customer service, product avaibility, accessibility, promotion, survival


Supplies: the interest of the suppliers are that supplier wants Amway organisation grow up, and asking for more goods getting the customer’s confidence and satisfaction from the goods sold, which were made by them.

Task 1 b

Define stakeholders
Describe the characteristics of the key stakeholders.
Describe the interests of the key stakeholders in the organisation
Describe how the stakeholders might influence the purpose of the organisation
Describe conflict of interests between the stakeholders.


1) their aims are remain competitive with Tesco, Sainsbury
Profit maximisation
Increase share values

To increase 6% in share price
Buy Safeway

Case study

• Explain why the business exists:
• Produce or sell goods
• Provide services
• Provide both goods and service

At what price does the business supply the product or service.

• For profit
• At cost
• Below
• Free of charge

Why the business supplies or produces the product or service

• In response to demand


• Type of ownership

• Sole trader, partnership, plc, charity etc…


• Public
• Private

Type of activity

1) Local, national, international, global

2) Sector of business

• Primary
• Secondary
• Tertiary

Task 3

• Strategic planning process
• Public and voluntary sector strategy
• Private sector strategies
• Growth: profit
Market share

Task 3: P3

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