Philosophy Essay

Philosophy Essay

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The aim of this project is to identify, state, clarify, and defend your account of ethics, of what the primary/fundamental purposes of education are, and of what the relationship between education and morality is.
You may want to revise the final version based on the instructor's comments or because you have revised some of your beliefs about ethics or education. Turn in the draft with the final term paper. Several revisions may be necessary because philosophy is, after all, an on-going activity that requires re-evaluation of one's view of the world.


First, point out how the issues in ethics brought us to the question of whether there is some moral value to education. Use only one paragraph for this.
Second, clearly state your own position on ethics (i.e. state the ethical theory you subscribe to). State, and examine and evaluate, the reasons for your position. Be sure to use specific examples to illustrate your account. You must also consider at least one major objection to your position (explain the objection and how you would refute that objection). Discuss whether your account is teleological, deontological, or character-based, and explain why.
Third, state your position on what the basic goals of education are. Be as clear and specific as possible about these goals. Give your reasons for this belief. You might, for example, consider whether some or all of these goals are teleological. *N.B.-You may want to discuss early education, education in the home, or high-school education, but the focus of your should be college education.
Lastly, state and clarify your position on how education develops a person's sense of morality. If you believe that education does not do this, you must still state and clarify your position. Which of your reasons do you regard as...

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